Seedstone Property Services

In addition to managing the Rainbow Nation Property Trusts, a division of Seedstone is dedicated to providing property owners and lending institutions with property management services, focusing on non-performing property portfolios. The scope of these services is defined on a case by case basis.

The value added by Seedstone is its substantial property experience, professional staff and approach, networks (including access to several funds looking for bulk purchase opportunities) and an impartial view point which is focused on achieving the best possible outcome for its clients.

Property Services offered by Seedstone
  • Project Management and Town Planning
    • Project management
    • Development management
    • Construction Management
    • Rezoning applications
    • Subdivisions, consolidations
  • Property Due Diligence Audits
    • Full property and defects audits
    • Market analysis and pricing structures
    • Exit Strategies
  • Sales
    • Dedicated sales team
    • Transaction management
  • Marketing
    • Print media
    • Electronic media and website advertising
    • Established networks
  • Financial
    • Rent rolls
    • Debt collection
    • Treasury and accounting services
    • Liaising with SARS and Municipalities
    • Management of bank accounts
  • Leasing
    • Lease management
    • Renewals
    • Recoveries
  • Sectional Title
    • Body Corporate representation
  • Property Management
    • Utilities management
    • Maintenance
    • Attendance to defects
Featured properties

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